YourWilmer Exact Reordering

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Need a repeat order?

It’s so easy to re-order with Exacts, a time-saving tool used to place exact repeat orders. Any order placed within the last three years is now available through the Exacts feature.

You can access this new feature by logging into your YourWilmer account, going to the "Orders" dropdown, and selecting the "Repeat My Order" option from the menu. From there you can search for orders using any of the following: PO#, Wilmer Order#, Customer Name, Date, Life#, Item ID or Imprint Text. From there you can make a few modifications, add your PO number, and send in the new order! The process takes just a few clicks and makes the repeat ordering process easy, convenient and available anytime.

Best Practices, Tips, and Notes

As you dive into the tool and start placing your reorders through Exacts, please check out these quick tips to make sure you are successful:

  • When searching for an order, it is best to search by Life Number to ensure that you are selecting the most current design for orders with variable print.
  • Exacts is currently unable to process orders that require third party shipping options or orders with Rx pads.
  • If you would like to reorder a specific item from an order that contained multiple items, you can simply uncheck the items that you do not want
  • Always double check to make sure that you have the correct starting number on orders that contain items with sequential numbering.