Filing Labels

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Filing Labels

Wilmer offers a wide range of color-coded labels to go with your filing needs. We carry year, month, alpha, numeric and communication labels to match all the most popular systems.

Alpha LabelsAlpha Labels

Choose from a large selection of compatible alpha labels for your filing system. Offered in 33 different label varieties to meet your clients current color-code system. View Product

Numeric LabelsNumeric Labels

Our compatible numeric labels are produced with high quality material and adhesive. Offered in 24 compatible series. View Product

Year LabelsYear Labels

Choose from 36 different compatible year labels to help simplify your filing system. Compatible with the top 18 color-code systems. View Product

Month LabelsMonth Labels

The top two month label selections available through Wilmer. View Product

Communication LabelsCommunication Labels

Over 80 different communication labels to enable physicians to quickly note patients information. View Product