Filing & Presentation Folders

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Filing Folders

High quality manila folders with long lasting durability for your clients filing needs. Many new offerings in colored folders as well. Be sure to check out our Custom Filing System Flyer to see even more options we have available.


Presentation FoldersPresentation Folders

Help your customers create dynamic presentations with custom folders, report covers, document holders, and other quality presentation products. View Product

Standard FoldersStandard Folders

Wilmer's durable, high-quality 11pt and 14pt end-tab folders are constructed of heavy-duty manila stock with an undercut tab design. Ideal for medical, dental, insurance, legal and banking industries with alignment marks that make labeling easy. View Product

Heavyweight FoldersHeavyweight Folders

Our durable, high-quality 18pt and 20pt end-tab folders are constructed of heavy-duty manila stock, many with reinforced spines. Ideal for medical, dental, insurance, legal and banking industries, these folders can take years of wear and tear. View Product

Classification FoldersClassification Folders

Our classification folders are available in 11pt up to 18pt stock. Fasteners are in positions 1 and 3, but can be requested in other positions. View Product

Dividers & FilebacksDividers & Filebacks

Our dividers and filebacks are in 11pt manila stock, poly and tyvek, with or without fasteners, self-adhesive tape and some with pockets. View Product


Vinyl outguides are available in red, green, blue and yellow. Other colors are available as custom orders. Manila outguides also available with pre-printed entry spaces to mark when the file is "out". View Product


We offer multiple fasteners for multiple needs. Whether they will be holding a few sheets of paper or many, we have you covered. View Product

Name LabelsName Labels

We carry a line of name labels (fan-fold) and mylar label protectors to keep filing systems clean and readable. Add these protectors to the end tab, spine or name on the folder to protect from wear and tear throughout the years. View Product


Wilmer's pockets simplify filing and organization. Simply peel off the backing and stick these pockets to folders, binders, report jackets or any other place needed. View Product


Medical radiology and dental jackets are stocked and ready to ship. If you don't find what you need in stock, we can help you with a custom order to fit your clients needs. View Product

Other FoldersOther Folders

Medical index tab sets, stock or custom options available through Wilmer. View Product