New Products

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EPoly See how Wilmer’s EPoly line can strengthen your offering to customers in all markets.
Stock labels and stickers Add convenience and conscientious pricing with Wilmer’s stock label offering. Pre-made and ready to ship at a moments notice.
Packaging tape Help customers elevate their packaging with custom aspects that is personalized to their brand!
Dental forms Dental forms for the office are now available! Dental offices use many forms and Wilmer now offers many of the big sellers.
Self inking stamp Newly added! More choices in self inking stamps! Our new stamps provide you the ability to choose from 5 different ink colors. They come in two styles: For Deposit Only and Personalized (with up to 6 lines of imprint)
PSMholo New add! PSMailers Stock Hologram offering! All shiny and new, our latest addition has been born.. hologram stock options on PSMailers top selling products.
Stkprismholochks4wila Newly added: Stock Prism Hologram offering! Wilmer's latest product line expansion includes these new hologram stock options on laser checks.
Wall large

Our Calendars are a way of keeping your name in front of your customers every single day!

Incense pouchable

Our Pouchables are a flexible, versatile packaging option that present products in a whole NEW way!

24Ylglabelgrouping2 Th

Our 2024 Year Label Guide is coming soon! Are you ready to flourish in 2024? Many labels are available to order now.

Stock Prism Checks

Stock Prism Checks Wilmer’s New Stock Prism checks are available in 9 different color choices. They are top position only and ship in 24 hours.

Currency Envelopes

New! Currency Envelopes Offer customers a solution for their currency needs! These small, secure envelopes allow cash to be easily transported while keeping it organized.

Medical Billing Statements

Additional Medical billing statements offered! New additions to the medical billing statement offering expands the options for your customers. Go from “blah” to color!

Laser Taxi

New! Laser Taxi This offering keeps checks from slipping in the printer at the end of long runs. One sheet can be reused up to 25 times. They are especially suited for 3 on a page laser checks. As an added bonus, they work with non-standard sized paper as well.

New Communication labels

New Communication Labels added to the lineup! Four new additions to the communication label line are now being offered.