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Wilmer has the confidential patient sign-in form for any location. Offered in small quantities, and with more sign-in lines than the competition.
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Additional Details

Wilmer's offering of patient sign-in forms has been growing over the years. We have two versions available: label form or the 3-part pegboard form.

The label sign-in comes in an English version in blue (our largest seller), burgundy, green and our latest additions of purple or orange, 125 per package, 25 lines per sheet. The English/Spanish label sign-in version is offered in blue, 125 per package, 25 lines per sheet. The patient signs their name on the line, taking the number next to their name if the office uses this to call patients back, and the office peels back the label with the patients name on it so that future patients signing in do not see the name of previous patients seen that day. The office may use the label to add to the patient file or workflow tracking system, or discard it all together. The words "please use next line" will show once the label has been peeled off the original form. (see the blue form in the multiple image above) This will aid the patients in signing on the correct line.

NEW!! We have added a purple sign-in sheet to the line! Purple is a highly sought after color due to its perfect balance of the energy of red, and the stability and calmness of blue. And now enjoy the addition of an orange sign-in sheet. With the touch of yellow, this is a happy orange that creates a feeling of encouragement, determination and stimulation. All good vibes for a physician's office. 

The 3-part form comes with a pegboard, journal and signature slips in white. (refill signature slips also available) Each patient signs their name on a numbered slip and then removes it. This number is how they will be called back to see the doctor. The patients name is hidden and protected by the carbonless paper from other patients viewing it when signing in.

Also note our non-patient related sign-in form for other entities use, such as attorney's and banks/credit unions can be found under the legal products tab.

To see our complete listing of Sign-In sheets and other HIPAA forms, see our Compatible filing catalog, or call Customer Service and request your copy of the W-CFP-CAT. (Available with and without the net price list)

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