Kentucky Rx Pad

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As an approved Security Printer for the State of Kentucky, we follow state guidelines when producing our standard Kentucky scripts.
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Additional Details

Wilmer is an approved security printer in the State of Kentucky that meets State regulations. We accept small orders (4 pads or 9 books) with a guaranteed 3 business day lead time on those small black imprint orders (up to 48 pads, or 27 books).

Standard Security Features include:

• Chemical protection paper
• Scallop VOID pantograph
• Pantone Green colored background on white paper
• Preprinted prescriber information
• Invisible fluorescent fibers
• Microprinting
• Thermochromic Ink
• Security Feature listing
• Artificial "Kentucky Security Prescription" watermark
• Watermark in coin reactive ink
• Reverse Rx
• Format and Size requirements

Our standard Kentucky scripts are 5-1/2"w x 4-1/4"h and are available in a horizontal format with 100 sheets per pad, or 50 sets per book.

Important information when taking orders:

• Physician's name, address, phone number and DEA number can be imprinted, stamped or manually printed on the script.
• Do they need 1 part pads, or 2 part books.  
• Only one prescription may be written per script.  
• Note that the address we ship to must be the address tied to the DEA number.
All order information must be in writing and remain on file for two years in case of audit.


To see our complete line of Prescription script products, see our Compatible filing catalog, or call Customer Service and request your copy of the W-CFP-CAT. (Available with and without the net price list)

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