Canadian Laser Checks

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Wilmer is capable of printing Canadian market laser checks. They are available for Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3 Imprint Checks. You also receive the same colors and pantographs available throughout each Tier level you choose from.
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Additional Details

Quantities: Start at 250 checks 
Size: 8 ½˝ x 11˝ 
Pantographs: Select from over 50 different background designs 
Imprint: Choose any imprint color
Colors: Digital CMYK colors
Vouchers: White
Border: Over 50 different border options to select from
Check Positions: Top, center, bottom  
Perforation Positions: 3 ½˝ & 7˝ (top & center checks)  4˝ & 7 ½˝ (bottom check) 
Paper: Bright White
Packaging: Polywrap protected

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